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BBC News - Science & Environment

BBC News - Science & Environment
BBC News - Science & Environment
  1. Open University scientists testing 'Moon dust' for water
    Scientists at the Open University are studying minerals collected during the 1969 Moon landings.
  2. German firms Bayer and BASF fight $265m US fine over weedkiller
    Bayer and BASF are told to pay huge damages to a Missouri peach-grower.
  3. Met Office forecasters set for 'billion pound' supercomputer
    A new supercomputer is to be built by 2022 to improve the accuracy of weather forecasting.
  4. Human compost funerals 'better for environment'
    A US firm claims the service it offers saves more than a tonne of carbon, after a pilot study.
  5. EU research head optimistic on post-Brexit future
    The future scientific relationship is the European Research Council's biggest challenge, new head says.
  6. Astronomers want public funds for intelligent life search
    Astronomers want more public funds to help search for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.
  7. Sex robots may cause psychological damage
    US researchers call for more regulation around the sale of sex robots with artificial intelligence.
  8. Wildfire smoke may cause life-long harm
    Smoke from wildfires may have long-term health effects, according to US research on juvenile monkeys.
  9. 'Ghost' human ancestor discovered in West Africa
    Mysterious archaic hominins may have interbred with early humans in West Africa, scientists say.
  10. Coastal floods warning in UK as sea levels rise
    Communities on the coast face "serious questions" against the background of climate change.