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BBC News - Science & Environment

BBC News - Science & Environment
BBC News - Science & Environment
  1. Europe keen to demonstrate Moon ambitions
    Research ministers meet in Seville next week to approve European Space Agency projects and funding.
  2. Dubai Air Show: The challenges for us all in flying green
    Sustainable, renewable and green: environmental goals the aviation industry is now grappling with.
  3. Coldplay to pause touring until concerts are 'environmentally beneficial'
    The band won't go on a world tour until they can make their concerts "environmentally beneficial".
  4. Poet laureate Simon Armitage launches award for nature poems
    Simon Armitage hopes the Laurel Prize will promote discussion about "our environmental predicament".
  5. SpaceX Starship prototype blows its top
    The US company's new rocket prototype experiences a major failure during pressurisation testing.
  6. Australia fires: Sea of fire races across field near Adelaide
    Bushfires have hit areas near Adelaide and created a smoky haze blanketing the city.
  7. A third of tropical African plants face extinction
    An assessment shows rapid loss of trees, shrubs and herbs in countries such as Ethiopia and Tanzania.
  8. Brown bear attacks: Deaths spark fear in Romania
    Three men die in little over a month in Romania, home to Europe's biggest brown bear population.
  9. Diving to save Indonesia's coral reefs from plastic
    Tenia Lestari leads a network of volunteer divers who clear rubbish from the coral reefs and recycle what they find.
  10. Climate change: China coal surge threatens Paris targets
    China is adding coal power equivalent to the EU's entire generating capacity.